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“If your business’s website does not have a blog (or “learning center”) that is actively updated on a regular basis, then you are missing a huge opportunity to increase your company’s visibility and therefore increase your digital reach—your potential client base and your bottom line.”

Blogging is More Important Today Than Ever Before (April 2013)


Does your business sell products and services targeted at Small Business Owners?

Is having a market edge that will help you reach your ideal Small Business clients, bring in new customers and positively impact your bottom line important to you?


If your answers are “yes”, the “how” is through one of the most effective yet underestimated strategic online communications tools today: your business blog.

Maybe you’ve already tried launching a blog. We get it: writing those blogs can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. And they are a beast to maintain!

That’s where Pierce Content Marketing comes in to help.

We create custom content for your business blog that is not only professional, appealing, and filled with valuable and useful information, the content comes from a reliable source – people who truly understand the mindset of Small Business Owners…because that’s exactly who we are.

We’re here to give you 3 things:

  1. A competitive edge
  2. A turnkey solution
  3. One less thing on your plate

We’re proud of the happy customers we’ve worked with, and we’d love to work with you.

Pierce Content Marketing can help you to improve your bottom line with blogs designed to reach new small business customers and keep existing ones engaged.



Please contact us today:

Roger Pierce






Start posting anytime!
We have everything you need.


Hiring a writer is expensive! And it's difficult to match our small business expertise. Get 52 professional blogs - a whole year's supply - for one low price.


Own Your Content
You own the content - use articles for blogging, newsletters, learning centres, guest blogging or media publicity. Need something changed? Edits are included.


Fast Delivery
Get your 52 blogs (each with 500 words) within 30 days. Start publishing your blog right away!


Choose Your Topics
We'll suggest a mix of blog topics to attract small business owners across popular learning categories such as Marketing, Money, Management & Motivation.


Proven Results

  • Business owners crave expert advice and instructions. They'll find it on your site, with blogs produced by Roger Pierce - Canada's Small Business Expert.
  • Great content gets more eyeballs and creates more leads for your business. Increase your site traffic and draw visitors into your products and services.
  • We know what works! National brands trust and use our small business blogs.

Custom Content Calendar
A custom-designed, 52-week schedule will organize your blog posts so you'll know what to post and when. The calendar will be used to collect input from your team, plan monthly themes and schedule key messages - like holiday greetings or product pushes. 


Special Features

  • One-line teasers included to help you promote each article.
  • Up to 3 embedded links in each article will connect readers to your company events, resources, products and services.
  • Use our author byline for credibility with small business readers - or insert your name as the author!
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